About Us

Someday Soap LLC was formed after a series of events.  

The first event was working closely with Deb Maevers owner of Past Time Antiques and founder of the Vintage Now Fashion Show.  Deb had an amazing idea to host a fashion show each year with ALL proceeds going back to the Safe House for Women.  In 2017 $88,000 was raised at the VN8 fashion show!!  Deb has networked with amazing people to help with this event.  She will be the first to tell you that she doesn't do it alone, but we all know without her it wouldn't have happened!  We need more Deb's in the world!  I was at a meeting discussing the 2017 VN8 show and someone mentioned the Safe House needed soap and personal hygiene items.  

The second event was a post from the Safe House for Women, on Facebook, asking for soap and personal hygiene items.  I remember reading it and thinking "I really need to go to Sams and buy soap for them.  I meant to do that after the VN8 meeting and forgot."

The third event was a family vacation organized by my favorite mother-in-law. :) (She's the best)  Our family vacation was in Branson, Mo.  While on vacation we had a spa appointment, free from the men and children.  It was in the lobby of the spa that some soap caught my eye.  It was beautiful and smelled absolutely wonderful.  As I was checking out the lady at the spa said, "Isn't this soap amazing?  A local woman makes this soap in her home."  It was at this exact moment I recalled, not once but twice, I was asked to donate soap for women in my area.  If this woman can make soap why can't I?  You can call it an Oprah "Ah ha" moment or you can call it a "Jesus Moment" either way I had a moment.  I was about to pay ten dollars per bar for something that women in my area needed....not wanted...needed.  I remember looking at my sister-in-law in the lobby and saying "when I get home I am going to make soap."  She laughed at me.  I earned that laugh because she knows me.  She knows she has showed me how to make homemade chicken & dumplings and I fail every time.  She knows I once made bologna casserole for her brother...that the dog wouldn't eat.  She knows out of every member of our family I am the LEAST likely to make anything and it turn out good.  So trust me I laughed with her while saying "I am!  I am going to make this!" shaking that perfect bar of soap in my hand.

The fourth event was a trip to Silver Dollar City the next day.  As we walked through the theme park there was a man making soap.  He was showing people how to make soap.  Call me crazy but I silently spoke to God and said, "okay okay I am going to make soap as soon as I get home."  I could hear my mother saying "When God calls you to do something don't ask questions.  You do it because He trusts you to do it."  For anyone that doesn't believe in God I will not judge you so don't judge me. :)

The last event is private but I always have someone in mind, that I love, that was a victim of domestic violence.  It is a reminder that it can happen to anyone.  So for this special person the Safe House for Women is a place I will always support.

As soon as I got home I started my soap journey.  I made a promise to God I would start making soap.  IF...HUGE IF... IF I got good I would donate to the Safe House for Women.  Not to toot my own horn but God knew the right person to call.  I'M GOOD!  I'm actually good at this!!  Then friends and family members said "you really need to sell your soap it is amazing."  Making soap is VERY expensive starting out so I listened to them.  Someday Soap LLC was formed.  Formed with the promise that for every bar of soap I sell, I will donate a bar of soap to the Safe House for Women.  My next goal is to recover start up costs and donate every product for every product sold.   

If something happens and you don't see this website anymore you can bet I am still at home making soap if I'm alive.  As long as the Safe House for Women need me, I am their soap maker.  If they don't need me anymore I will find another worthy organization.  You don't waste a talent and you don't lie to God.

I chose the name Someday Soap LLC because we have all been through things that hurt us.  While we are hurting all we can do is hold on to hope and know someday it will be better.  I want victims of domestic violence to know someone cares and someday everything can be different.  Keep your head up and keep going because you are worth the best someday possible.

Thanks for Reading,

Bre Stone

Owner Someday Soap LLC