What type of payments do you accept?

We accept payments through Paypal.  You do not have to have a Paypal account to make a purchase on this site.  Paypal will allow you to checkout without creating a customer account.  We will not ship an order unless the full payment has been received.  Paypal is a complete secure way to make a payment.  We do not have access to your credit card information.  If for any reason your card payment is not authorized by your bank we will not be able to process your order and it will become immediately canceled.

Will my soap look exactly like what you have online?  

All of our soap is artisan handcrafted soap.  That means no two will ever look the same.  The picture shown on the website is a good indication as to how your soap will look when you receive the product.    The scent will be the same with every order.  Also keep in mind colors can display differently depending on a computer monitor or smart phone.  Remember the Gold/Blue dress story that went viral?  If at any time you have a question about the color of the soap feel free to ask.  Below is an example of how unique artisan handmade soap is for the consumer.  Below is three bars of Stress Free soap all made at the same time yet each has a unique look.  

Will my soap smell good?

What smells good to one person may be different to another.  We do our best to list each scent and give a description.  Due to sanitary and health reasons we are not allowed to refund or exchange your product, so please be certain of the product before placing an order.  If you have further questions you can always reach us at somedaysoap@gmail.com

Will your soap cause me to break out?

We list all ingredients on our website and on the bar of soap.  If you see an ingredient that causes you to break out then please do not purchase that line of soap.  If you knowingly are allergic to an ingredient listed in our soap and choose to purchase anyway, we are not responsible for any rashes or allergic reactions.  If you develop an allergic reaction to an ingredient in our soap please discontinue use immediately.  We are not responsible if you develop an allergic reaction to an ingredient in our soap.  

Some of our soaps are formulated for your face and others are for your body.  Please use the soap as we have indicated.

Can I pick-up the soap or do you ship?

We have two pick-up locations; High Street Station in Jackson, Mo & B Pretty in Bernie, Mo.  If you are not close to one of these locations you will have to pay for shipping costs.  Orders are processed within 24 hours of receipt and shipped within 1-3 working business days.  The freight rates on our website are calculated by the weight of the order according to USPS shipping rates.

Why does your soap seem expensive?

You get what you pay for!  We purchase only the best ingredients for our products.  From the body butters down to the fragrance, we spend the extra money to ensure you have a luxurious product.  Compare it to buying perfume at Macy's or Wal-Mart.  You pay for a better product and better ingredients.  You wouldn't ask Estee Lauder why their perfume is so expensive, so be a doll and avoid this question.  

Do you really donate a bar of soap to the Safe House for Women?

YES, we really do.  For every bar of soap sold we will donate a bar to our local Safe House for Women in Cape Girardeau, Mo.  If at any time the Safe House for Women does not have a need for our products we will find another worthy cause to receive donations.  But YES 100% WITHOUT A DOUBT....WE GIVE A BAR WHEN YOU BUY A BAR!